A Guide to Gold Grillz 

It is common to spot people in the hip - hop industry and hip - hop culture wearing grills on their teeth. Teeth grills are type of jewelry that is worn perfect teeth. The teeth grills are generally removable although there are some that are attached to the teeth permanently. To the hip hop lovers, teeth grills are just another way of wearing jewelry and for hip hop lovers to show off their wealth. Gold grillz are normally made from gold and silver plate with rhodium which enhances their reflective characteristics. This reflective feature is known as flashing.
The grillz can then be studded with other gem stones such as cubic zirconia and also metals. Teeth grills have become so popular that they are virtually available at any jewelry store. Teeth grills do not only come in gold. There are some that are made of platinum others are made silver and even diamond. Dentists have shown that if the teeth grills are worn correctly they do not pose any risk to the wearer. You can get designer gold grills if you have the money. Designer grills are the best option but they do not come cheap. see www.roisdor.com
If you are on a tight budget you might want to avoid teeth grills that are associated with renowned designers. The price of teeth grills will also depend on the design and the material used to make them. custom gold grills inlaid with diamonds for example, will cost more than those made from silver with no inlaid stones. One way of owning quality teeth grills at prices that are pocket friendly is to shop during sales. Most of the jewelers hold a sale at least once every year. Find out when these sales go down and you could find teeth grills at unbelievable prices. Another way of finding affordable teeth grills is by going for grills that have less weight of precious metals. For instance, a 24 carat gold will cost you more than one that is 18 carats. 
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